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Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding made its debut back in the late 50’s early 60’s in an era were aluminum siding reign supreme. But success did not come easily since the early materials had a tendency to crack and sag.

But that is a thing of the past, with today’s current high tech plastic and vinyl materials in combination with modern manufacturing have turn Vinyl Siding into an incredibly versatile choice for cladding. In a matter of fact Vinyl Siding, it’s chosen over 32% for all new home constructions and the number just keep getting high. a study from 2012 from the census bureau 33% of the houses built that year used Vinyl Siding. There are many vinyl siding benefits for that you need to know.

vinyl siding benefits


Vinyl Siding has the lowest install cost of any exterior cladding out there and also the lowest life-cycle cost in relation to the life of a home.

The most recent studies show that replacing your home siding with Vinyl Siding ranked amongst some of the best ways ever to improve your home for recouping costs at the time of resale.

Overall, Vinyl Siding is one of the most popular choices out there for homeowners because of how cost effective it is. According to some websites, the cost of professionally installing Vinyl Siding goes between $2000 – $9000 for 1300 square feet. While professionally installing Wood Siding can go much higher at $6000 – $10000 for the same square footage. However, if you are capable of doing some DIY, the cost of installing Vinyl Siding can go way down to $1000 – $1300 for every 1250 square feet.

Beautiful Versatile

Nowadays Vinyl Siding comes in all shapes and colors, different textures, architectural trim, profiles and other accessories, that gives you complete versatility when comes to designing the home exterior of your dreams.

You can get the Vinyl Siding that reminisces the looks of many other types of cladding, and architectural designs, including slate, wood, and stone. You want the look of Cedar Shakes, but can afford it? Vinyl Siding is your solution, it looks so authentic it will fool the most discriminating eyes of your neighbors.

In love with the look of Victorian Scallops? say no more,  Vinyl Siding has the most inexpensive to achieve your Victorian Dream. You can find any Vinyl Siding design both vertical or horizontal that goes with the remodeling you are looking for.

And Durable Was His Name-O…

Vinyl Siding its the leading durable siding in the market today. It has the ability to withstand high winds (even from Superstorms as most recent studies showed), high temperatures, low temperatures, moisture and impact from heavy hail, keeping its original appearance and performance over long periods of time without rotting or corroding. Vinyl Siding is known to resist high-velocity winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

The lifetime Warranties issued by the Vinyl Manufactures are a clear proof that confirmes the Vinyl durability over very long periods of time. A home can easily go a generation or two without having to replace it.

Maintenance Free

One of the many advantages Vinyl Siding has over other sidings its the fact it requires little to none maintenance over its life spawn, other than a simple cleaning once a year or so.

Vinyl Siding does not need to be painted, a simple periodic cleaning with soap and water is everything you need to restore its good looks.

It resists pests such as the termites and blights like rot. Remember that once your Vinyl Siding its installed you won’t be needing to tax your budget for any unexpected cost to keep your Vinyl looking great. IT ONLY NEEDS WATER AND SOAP AND NO PAINT!


Vinyl Siding is the greenest option out there without a question, it outperforms all other exterior sidings in the market for environmental and economic performance.

Insulated Vinyl Siding keeps providing all the beauty, sustainability and durability of regular Vinyl Siding with the added bonus of improving energy efficiency. Insulated Vinyl Siding prevents the heat loss between the wall studs in exterior walls, something called Thermal Bridging.

While most of the sidings come with insulation between the wall studs it’s the studs themselves that leak the heat to the exterior. Insulated Vinyl Siding puts a protective blanket over this studs keeping your homes cooler in the summers and warmer of the winters, in addition, Insulated Vinyl Siding make you eligible for energy tax credits, making it, even more, cost reductive to install, something called ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home.

Easy To Install

Vinyl Siding is very lightweight, and that makes it one of the easiest exterior claddings to install.

Because it can be install over existing materials, it is a good retrofit option, and because the installation is somewhat easy the labor costs are reduced. A professional manufacturer can handle the installation using the proper techniques highlighted in the Vinyl Siding Installation Manual.

Its Safe

The Vinyl Siding Institute says that Vinyl Siding is one of the few materials that comply with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirements for insulating electrical and data transmission cables.

Safe homes use fire safe cladding, and it doesn’t get any safer than Vinyl Siding. But, Why does Vinyl Siding provide so much fire protection? Because it is composed mainly of polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as Vinyl or PVC. Due to its chlorine base, Vinyl Siding doesn’t ignite quickly and acts as flame-retardant.

Vinyl Siding manufacturers are committed to keeping their products a low fire risk. Exterior cladding its only involve in a small fraction of residential fires, since most of this fires originate from inside the house and are contained within the structure where it originated.


Vinyl Siding is without a doubt the most popular choice out there for exterior cladding for homes, because of its versatility, beauty, the cost-effectiveness relation, sustainability, and easy installation and low maintenance.

When met with the decision of choosing a Siding for your home weigh your requirements against the pros and cons of the siding you wanna choose. Vinyl Siding is recommended for the many good qualities it has.