Types of Garage Doors

When purchasing a new garage door materials and style choices will be abundant, to say the least, but which will meet your needs?

Choosing the right garage door will enhance your curb appeal and have a major impact on your home’s value.

types of garage doors

Cars have grown more important in our lives, and as consequence, it has also grown important when it comes about residential plans. Its impossible not to drive by a house and not checked the garage door, and when it comes to buying a new home one of the first things we ask about its the garage. The garage has become so central in our day-to-day lives that for most people, the Garage Door has become the Main Entrance to their houses.

Over the last decade garage doors, designers and architects have begun to improve in the curb appeal of garage doors. According to the National Association of Realtors with good looks, low cost and a solid return on investment, a new garage door is the Triple Crown of curb appeal projects nowadays. Speaking in number the average cost of a Garage Door replacement is $2300 with an 87% return on investment upon selling the house, one of the highest percentage of recovered investment according to the NAR.

With a front-facing garage door eating up at least 20% of the front facade of your home a worn-out, beat-out garage door can be a real liability to your Curb Appeal. Recent research gives a 9.5 rating to Garage Door replacement amongst homeowners, with 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest.

The Garage Door most absolutely looks amazing when talking about houses who have it front and center and most function smoothly since recent studies show that the Garage is the most use entrance to a house more than the Front Door.

Types of Garage Doors

Garage Doors come basically in four ways: Swing up, Swing out, Roll up, or Slide to a side. The most common Garage Door is a sectional door which several horizontal panels hinged together and fitted with rollers, the door rolls in two parallel tracks, a heavy-duty torsion spring connected around a torsion bar serves as the counterbalance, and you can roll it up manually or by a motorized door opener.

Before purchasing a Roll-up garage door you should measure the space between the top of the garage door and the ceiling, standard tracks require 14 inches of space if you don’t have that you can have tracks specially made, but it’ll cost you more.

If you need to keep the ceiling clear and give your home a distinctive look Swingout carriage and barn doors are your choice.

True carriage or Swing style garage doors functions like a couple of french doors, they are typically made of wood and hang from jambs on hinges. Swing Style garage doors are very good looking, with strong vertical lines helping integrate the garage with the rest of the house. Swinging doors are more energy efficient. However, they require more clearance space, if you park to close to them you won’t be able to open the doors. They are more expensive to automate than others.

It’s very important to pick a style that suits your Home, for example, if you live in a Craftsman Bungalow you would want to get swing-out garage doors that reminiscence the early Craftsman style. Modern manufacturers of roll-up doors make them in a style that mimics the old swing doors.

Whether traditional or modern most styles feature trims, panels, and other details. Doors with a true frame tend to be sturdier than those with decorations glued to it. Other style puts glass panels on the top row for a more inviting look, bringing daylight to the inside, also some roll-up doors come with shatterproof glass or frosted plastic in all panels for a more modernist look.

Garage Door Materials

just like entry doors, garage doors can be made of wood, steel, and aluminum. But, no matter what materials there are available, the favorite is always wood.

Wood Doors: They offer a charm and authenticity that other materials barely imitate. They can be made locally in whatever size is needed. The downside to Wood Doors is the constant need for repainting and refinishing and it goes up if you live in a damp climate.

They ranged from midprice to very expensive, depending if they consist of the wooden frame filled with insulation foam wrapped in plywood or are a true frame made of durable kinds of wood like Cedar, mahogany, redwood, fir or meranti.

Wood Doors have a very short warranty of only a year.

Steel Doors: If you don’t want to be doing a lot of maintenance then Steel Doors are better for you than wood doors. Steel Doors are ahead of the race because they are relatively inexpensive and tough. The downside of steel doors is that they rust, can be dented and are subject to corrosion, so if you don’t wanna lose your investment you need to tend to this damages zoom.

You can minimize this risks by going with doors with a sturdy 24 or 25 gauge panels, the lower the gauge the thicker the metal.

Steel Doors can be painted to match your home, they are available with insulation or without it.

The high-quality steel doors have a lifetime warranty.

Once commonly inexpensive, have now been replaced with by sturdier versions with heavy duty extruded frames and resistant to dents, with laminated panels. Rustproof, they are a wonderful choice if you can spend about $10000 in one of this beauties.

Of course, there are less expensive aluminum doors, made of polyethylene a high-density material. Because it is lightweight aluminum its a good choice for an extra wide double door because it won’t stress the operating mechanism.


Because of the side of the garage door, it is obvious that you should invest in one that is insulated, due to its “Sandwich” construction and insulated garage door is more durable.